Neurofeedback, Sound-Vibration Therapy, and Meditation as a wholistic combination

2-Weeks-Intensive Training, the all time favorite

We offer a variety of focused training programs matched to the individual needs based on an initial consultation. The gold standard for many of our clients – especially for clients from out of town – is to engage in a 2-Week-Intensive program of 20 sessions (2 sessions per day). This program offers the most immersive and powerful experience for readjusting your mental and physical wellbeing. It enables one to leave daily business behind to fully concentrate on the healing process.

In person sessions in Santa Barbara, CA

At our office in Santa Barbara, CA, we offer a variety of services to enhance mental and physical wellbeing as well as for peak performance and spiritual development.

Those therapies include Neurofeedback training, Sound-Vibration Therapy, Esoteric Acupressure, and other complementary methods such as (pEMF, pulsed electro-magnetic field stimulation).

We are happy to offer you a free 15min consultation to discuss whether our services are the right ones for you.

At Home - Remote Services

Neurofeedback: If you prefer to do neurofeedback training in the comfort of your own home, we offer our cutting-edge Remote Neurofeedback service. We provide online neurofeedback training for you without any travel involved on your part.

Sound-Vibration Therapy: We offer remote Distance Sessions for which we connect with you via an audio or video line. No corner of the world is too remote. We are here to help.

Transformative Meditation Courses

Meditations in the Kriya Yoga tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda supporting emotional balance, concentration, stress resiliency, and spiritual growth.

Stella offers transformative online meditations courses. She includes short informational and inspiring talks about the scientific background of meditation and it’s impact on brain and behavior. Sound-Vibration Therapy is sometimes included to anlarge the meditation experience.

Please contact us for upcoming dates.