Marty Wuttke

Pioneer of Bio- & Neurofeedback, Author, Teacher & Clinician

each person has unlimited potential for health, happiness, and for attaining their highest spiritual aspiration.

I have dedicated my life to assisting others in the unfoldment of their individual potential. It is my experience that each person has unlimited potential for health, happiness, and for attaining their highest spiritual aspiration. My search for methods to assist in this whole unfoldment has taken me along many paths of healing the most important being the field of neurotherapy.

I aim to establish neurotherapy as an adjunct intervention for the health system, the education system, the criminal rehabilitation system, and the mental health system as well as for those persons on a spiritual path of inner exploration. For over 40 years I have witnessed lives change, remarkable healings and the transformation of individuals.

Pioneer of Bio- & Neurofeedback, Author, Teacher & Clinician

  • 40+ years of experience in Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy
  • 3000+ people trained in the Wuttke Method of Neurotherapy
  • Since 1987: Teacher of Neurotherapy, Neurofeedback & Biofeedback
  • Internat. teacher and presenter: USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Mexico
  • Certified in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback by BCIA (Biofeedback Cert. Internat. Alliance)
  • Certified by the International QEEG Certification Board
  • Ordained minister of the Center of Spiritual Awareness (CSA)
  • Author of “Brain Sutras: Keys to the Revealed Consciousness

“Marty is on the cutting edge of the movement to utilize technology to amplify self-referral (self-healing process) … he is ideally suited to maximize the benefits of biofeedback, while never forgetting that people are in essence spiritual beings.”

Deepak Chopra, MD, author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate

“Marty Wuttke has practiced and taught meditation, biofeedback, and neurofeedback for over 30 [to date 40] years. Known as ‘a trainer’s trainer,’ he continues to integrate the best elements of applied neurophysiology, spiritual practices, and holistic medicine, with the cutting edge of neurofeedback…”

Michael Gismondi, LMHC, clinician and consultant in Neurotherapy and EEG brain mapping

"The Neurowizardry of Marty Wuttke"

Published in Trillions, 2016, p. 17-21.

“Martin (Marty) Wuttke is one of the most creative and influential practitioners of neurofeedback therapy on the planet.”

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Marty WUttke - short Bio

As a pioneer in the field of bio- and neurofeedback, Marty developed his unique and holistic approach to Neurotherapy Wuttke Method based on over 40 years of experience in the field. Beginning as a deeply committed meditation teacher, he quickly saw the need for adding a scientifically based, neurophysiological component to catalyze meditation training and help meditators reach a freer and happier life.


Marty was affiliated with Ridgecrest Hospital and Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital from 1983 to 1995, where he designed and directed the first large-scale inpatient neurofeedback program in the United States. Neurofeedback was used at the hospital as an integral part of the treatment program for over 11 years. Marty was responsible for the neurofeedback intervention program including QEEG evaluation, analyses, and application. More than 1500 patients went through his neurofeedback training.


Marty is a pioneer in combining multiple protocols of neurofeedback training as a self-regulation tool for people suffering from a wide array of issues, including but not limited to anxiety, PTSD, OCD, depression, traumatic brain injury, eating disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, chemical dependency, and alcoholism. He continues to develop, research, and teach neurofeedback applications for areas such as ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and developmental disorders, autoimmune disorders, and stress-related disorders. In 2003, new advanced whole-body neuro/biofeedback technology hardware and software were developed under Marty’s guidance.


Since 1990, Marty has been teaching Neurotherapy in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Thailand, and Mexico. He has been a trainer and keynote speaker for several organizations, such as the Georgia and Greater Washington Associations of Applied Psychophysiology and the Menninger Clinic. He has been a consultant to various hospitals and organizations around the nation, including the Texas Commission on Drug and Alcoholism where he helped introduce neurofeedback into several state programs in Texas. Marty created and guided the Neurotherapy program in a study looking at the use of neurofeedback to reduce recidivism rates with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) in California. He continues to consult and teach Neurotherapy as well as meditation, yogic science of consciousness, and holistic nutrition.

"Greatest Blessing of my Entire Life"

"There is a serenity to my new life mind brain experience, and I sometimes want to weep about it simply because of how long and hard I have tried to get to this place, and I finally made it. Finding such relief and calm within is possibly the greatest blessing of my entire life."

Thomas Sander, Santa Barbara, CA