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Frequently asked questions

When a mature brain is functioning well, and the person is attentive, the EEG shows a particular pattern. When the EEG deviates significantly from the norm, there may be an adverse impact on cognitive, emotional, and physical function. Neurofeedback training challenges the person and the brain to attain and maintain the alert, “high-performance” state. It gives the brain feedback about its progress and, like riding a bicycle, once it has learned to maintain a healthy state, it does not easily forget.

We apply the Wuttke Method. We have many clients from all over the United States and Europe who request personal training with us because of this unique, targeted approach to neurofeedback training. Marty Wuttke’s method produces rapid, lasting change in the individuals’ brainwaves in a relatively short period of time. Our most sought-after treatment is the 2-Week-Intensive program. Sessions are often twice a day, Monday through Friday. Applications for intensives must be made well in advance.

To decide whether the Wuttke Method is the right approach for you, please contact us for a free consultation.

In contrast to conventional medicine, neurofeedback can re-train your brain and improve your life for the long-term. After your brain has changed to serve you better, it is more efficient, even after training has ended.

Neurofeedback therapy has no known side effects when carried out under professional guidance. This is due to the non-invasive nature of the therapy. Note that although medication may be reduced in the course of the therapy, this is at the discretion of the referring physician. Neurofeedback therapy is not “anti-medicine”; on the contrary, it often works parallel to the appropriate pharmaceutical intervention.

No, neurofeedback does not hurt. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive method. A cap with electrode sensors partially filled with electro-gel is placed on the head to measure brain wave activity. That activity is fed back to you via an auditory and/or visual feedback which can be as a simple as a tone, or a simple computer game, or even your favorite TV show can be used. This feedback tells you when the brain is showing the favorable activity. There is no use of shocks or other invasive electrical pulses.

Neurofeedback is a science-based, non-invasive technique. The process is simple: in the first session personal needs are discussed and primary goals for the neurotherapy are clarified. The brain activity is measured via a 19 channel EEG system via a cap worn on your head, then the activity is analyzed and explained by our experts. Your current brain activity and functionality is discussed in relation to any symptoms or behavioral and psychological issues you may be experiencing, and your personalized neurofeedback training program is created based on our conclusions.

The starting effect of the treatment is apparent when the symptoms start to occur less frequently, are less severe, or are experienced for a shorter duration.

When symptoms are relieved, personal goals are reached, and we see the results holding, we start to spread out the time between sessions. Our research has shown with follow-up testing that after a full course of sessions, the brain continues to improve in function during those intervals.

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