"Read a little, meditate more, and think of god all the time" Paramahansa Yogananda

Interview with Cody Rall: Neurofeedback Meditation Master Reveals His Secrets

Various topics including the important cross-pollination between meditation and neurofeedback, Marty’s neurofeedback training philosophy, specific brainwaves and his views on the future of mobile neurofeedback meditation.

Sound Healing & Spirit

In his Kriya Yoga Podcast, Ryan Kurczak interviews Dr. Stella Wuttke on Sound Healing, the brain, and meditation.

General information about Neurofeedback, Neurotherapy; how it works and who benefits

Interview with Patricia Diorio & Stu Zimmerman on Get Conscious Now TV.

Mantra: Diving Deep Into Meditation

A. Martin Wuttke & Dr. Stella Wuttke on The Yoga Hour Weekly Podcast (November 18, 2021) with Dr. Laurel Trujillo

We share how mantra is used to develop a more profound meditation practice and how its vibrational power supports healing of the mind and body and deepens spiritual awareness.

Neuroscience & Meditation

In his Kriya Yoga Podcast, Ryan Kurczak interviews Marty Wuttke on the neuroscience of meditation.

They share how the brain is shaped by meditation practice, which brain areas and brain frequencies are involved, and how the brain of a novel and advanced meditator differs.

How the maturing brain explains struggles as a teenager

Dr. Stella Wuttke on the Becoming All-Powerful summit (July 25, 2021).

Teenagers and teenager’s parents often struggle in this time of transformation. Mayara Souza interviews Dr. Stella Wuttke on the brain as a source of feeling anxious, heightened feelings, and differences in perception in the maturing and adult brain.

Yogic remedies for stress relief in times of the pandemic

Informal talk by neurotherapist and yogacharya Marty Wuttke at the online retreat of the Center of Spiritual Awareness.

The Keys to Experiencing Absolute Consciousness

Marty Wuttke on The Yoga Hour Weekly Podcast (April 30, 2020).

Dr. Laurel Trujillo interviews Marty Wuttke on how the connection of our mind, brain and consciousness influence each other and how that understanding can change the way we live.