Pillars of Health

For enhanced immunity and health of mind & body it is important to pay attention to the foundations of health.

Pillars of Health: Sleep

Pillar I

Why restful sleep is important?

What sleep stages are a necessity for it?

How can we support it?

Pillars of Health: Sleep - PART II

Pillar I – Part II

What if sleep hygiene is not enough?

Marty talks about what possibly underlies ongoing sleep issues and what methods can help.

Pillars of Health: Nutrition

Pillar II

Coming soon – July 2022

Pillars of Health: Exercise

Pillar III

Coming soon – August 2022

Pillars of Health: Sunlight

Pillar IV

Coming soon – September 2022

Pillars of Health: Hydration

Pillar V

Coming soon – October 2022

Pillars of Health: Meditation

Pillar VI

Coming soon – November 2022