Pillars of Health

For enhanced immunity and health of mind & body it is important to pay attention to the foundations of health.


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Pillars of Health: Sleep

Pillar I

Why restful sleep is important?

What sleep stages are a necessity for it?

How can we support it?

Pillars of Health: Sleep - PART II

Pillar I – Part II

What if sleep hygiene is not enough?

Marty talks about what possibly underlies ongoing sleep issues and what methods can help.

Pillars of Health: Nutrition

Pillar II

What to eat and what not?

Marty dicusses the basic principles of proper nutrition and points out resources to individualize nutritional needs according to ones genetics.

Pillars of Health: Exercise

Pillar III

How can exercise support our health?

Is physical exercise affecting our brain?

Pillars of Health: Sunlight

Pillar IV

Coming soon – October 2022

Pillars of Health: Hydration

Pillar V

Coming soon – November 2022

Pillars of Health: Meditation

Pillar VI

Coming soon – December 2022